The One Place to Go for Gears & Gearboxes

As a leading ISO- and AAR-certified manufacturer of OEM gears and pinions, we’re also a major supplier of replacement gearing for transit authorities, including discontinued styles. Our specialized manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most advanced CNC equipment for cutting and grinding gears, pinions and couplings.

We use large computer-controlled gear hobbers and related equipment to provide customers throughout North America with quality gears and pinions (AGMA Class 11 or higher) in large and small quantities.

We are a leading supplier of new and re-built transit gearboxes because of our:

  • Quality
  • Leadtime
  • Experience

Our breadth and depth of experience repairing single- and double-reduction propulsion units, right angle drives and other types of propulsion equipment quickly and accurately help the transit authorities we service keep their vehicles running on time.

Let us know about your specific requirements for gears & gearboxes.

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