Depend on Us for Rebuilding Gearboxes & Repairing Wheels

Transit Gearboxes

We rebuild gearbox units with quality replacement parts that help transit authorities maintain their fleets cost-effectively. The types of units we re-build with our gearbox repair kits include:

  • Single Reduction
  • Double Reduction
  • Right Angle Drive
  • PCC

The advantages of our re-built gearboxes include:

  • All New Bearings, Fasteners, Shims, & Gaskets
  • Latest Propulsion Designs
  • Re-Conditioning May be Done in Small Lots
  • Gearing and Shafts Evaluated and Requalified to Reduce Costs
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Re-Built to Proven Specifications
  • Tested Above OEM Specifications for Vibration, Temperature & Noise
  • Warrantied

Air Preheater Gearboxes

As an authorized source for new gearboxes used on Ljungström Air Preheaters*, as well as for parts and repairs, we have what you need to keep you up and running.

Air Preheater gearboxes are found in coal and oil-fired power generation stations and converted natural gas plants, chemical plants, paper mills, refineries and other manufacturing facilities. At Penn Machine, we’re the authorized source for these models:

  • 3AP
  • 4AP
  • 5AP
  • 7AP
  • 8AP

For more information, view our Air Preheater Gearboxes page.

* Ljungström Air Preheater is a registered trademark of ARVOS Inc., Wellsville, NY, formerly Air Preheater Company.


We also repair resilient wheels by replacing the rubber blocks to improve noise control and vibration damping properties cost-effectively and keep solid wheels in top working condition by re-machining them to specifications.

Learn how we can keep your gearboxes and wheels performing good-as-new.

Solid Resilient Wheels