Transit Wheels That Set the Standard for Durability

Penn Machine Company’s Transit Division, Penn Transit, offers a wide selection of resilient and solid wheels for use on mass transit vehicles.

Resilient Wheels

Our resilient wheels feature an elastic layer between the steel tire and wheel center. This layer is comprised of individual rubber or ring elements that are precisely manufactured to feature exceptional damping properties.

The wheel’s external shunts provide conductivity around the rubber elements, and the divided wheel body allows for easy dismantling and re-fitting of the wheel tire. In some instances, those operations may be performed under the vehicle, saving substantial time and maintenance costs. At the end of the lifecycle, only the tire and rubber blocks need to be replaced.

Key features and benefits of Penn Transit resilient wheels are:

  • Reduced Noise & Vibration
  • Less Tire & Track Wear
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Longer Operating Life
  • Improved Ride Quality

Find out how we can customize resilient wheels for your new and retrofit applications.

Solid Wheels

Our solid wheels are made of forged steel and come in a variety of models, including:

  • “S” Plate
  • Straight Plate
  • Stress Balanced
  • Tangential-Corrugated
  • Vibration-Optimized
  • Arch-Shaped Single or Multiple Wear
  • Tired Wheels

Our lighter-weight wheels meet the highest AAR and APTA standards, and can be customized to the specifications of any OEM or aftermarket application.

We also design solid wheels to accept noise dampers, substantially reducing noise and vibration.

To ensure that our solid wheels meet specifications for stresses and loads, we perform finite element analysis (FEA) for design verification.

Let us work with you to develop solid wheels that meet your specific requirements.

Solid Resilient Wheels 1
Solid Resilient Wheels 2